VCAP6.5-DCV Design Prep-Guide

I’ve been on VCAP6.5-DCV Design in end of April and I passed. The exam wasn’t easy. First of all, the best practices, white papers, books and other documents that I’d to go thru to be successful is tremendous. While, I’ve used many of those in my daily job, one way or another, it would take far longer to prepare If haven’t read any of them. Therefore, plan ahead and make sure you would have enough time to prepare, especially if you have no experience in architecture at all. Personally, the time took me to prepare was more than I anticipated.

Exam Interface

Exam interface and format has been completely re-done, and there aren’t any Visio-like questions. The feeling I’ve got was that I’m on VCP6.5 exam rather then VCAP6.5-DCV. Also, there is an option to mark questions for review of you would like to revise them in the end.


Questions are better defined and not that vague, which mean that you will definitely get what has been asked and what is the right answer. The format used in the exam is “multiple choice” and “drag and drop questions”, but a vast majority is multiple choice questions.

Comparison to the old versions of the DCV-Design exam

By far, VCAP6.5-DCV is the most refined and understandable exam of all previous design version I’ve sat on. In my opinion, there is plenty of time go over the questions, even if you mark some of them for later review.


It’s important to differentiate having experience as an Architect and just want to validate your knowledge, or you decide it’s time to do next step in your career. The reason behind this is simple; Being an engineer you might find yourself lacking certain skills or rather find it difficult working with design methodology used in the exam. However, bellow I’d try to summarize what I have read to prepare for the exam, even those I already knew but decided to refresh my memory.

Note: Some of the resources can be quite old, nevertheless design methodology is same and mostly relevant.

Must Read



Performance Best Practices

Availability Guides

Recoverability Guides

Business Critical Applications

Practice Exams

Additional Reading

Good luck to everyone!
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