About Me


My name is Zlatko Mitev. I have been working IT industry for many years on variety of roles gaining vast range of different skills. Through these years I had the opportunity to work with wide variety of Hardware, Storage, Operating Systems, Databases, Analytics Software, Messaging, and so on.For last few years I concentrate my interest in virtualization. Freely I can call myself visualization enthusiast.

I decided to open this blog to share my experience, ideas and problems I have faced through my sleepless nights  🙂 , of course not limited only to virtualization. However, my intention is to post technical and architectural thoughts and challenges which might help other people in their IT journey.


Currently, I’m employed as VMware Technical Lead in IBM Global Services mainly focused on Data center virtualization and Private Cloud.

Disclaimer :

Everything which comes out from this blog is a product of my free time and belongs to me unless otherwise stated.

Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author(me) and do not represent those of my Employer.