vCenter 5.5 service fails to start

Few days ago when I was preparing vSphere Self-Signed certificates article I found out that vCenter is down. I notice that vCenter 5.5 service fails to start with very “interesting” general error message which did not say much. I haven’t actually used my lab for while and I suspected that something went wrong with my Database. However, I checked all components, Databases, users, passwords and so on but I did not found anything. Only place, I haven’t looked yet was vCenter logs. In order to have fresh generated log and avoid searching in bunch of files I attempt to start service again with of course expected result, failure.

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vCenter Self-Signed Certificates – Part 1

A month ago I had to upgrade one of our customers vCenter from 5.0 to 5.5. We were suppose to run pilot project and upgrade was part of the requirements. However, upgrade was pretty smooth with no unexpected issues or whatsoever. Of course, when I had all components installed I decided to do quick check, though. Login with C# client did not indicate any unusual behavior or possible error, but when open Web Client I saw error message that Web Client could not connect vCenter.

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