VCAP6.5-DCV Design Prep-Guide

I’ve been on VCAP6.5-DCV Design in end of April and I passed. The exam wasn’t easy. First of all, the best practices, white papers, books and other documents that I’d to go thru to be successful is tremendous. While, I’ve used many of those in my daily job, one way or another, it would take far longer to prepare If haven’t read any of them. Therefore, plan ahead and make sure you would have enough time to prepare, especially if you have no experience in architecture at all. Personally, the time took me to prepare was more than I anticipated.

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NutanixCE – Cluster Installation and Configuration

In previous article I walked you through vSphere preparation for deploying NutanixCE. We enabled SSD option on disk/LUN, installed ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter and created virtual machines. Seems like everything is set up, and we can start installation. Before I begin, I ‘d like to remind that I’ll be deploying 3 node cluster, so you can clone already created virtual machine as many times needed; Depends on how many nodes you want to have. Having everything ready let’s,

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NutanixCE – Getting Started

NutanixCE is out there for some time now, and I’ve decided it’s time to give it a try. It took me while to go through some documentation and blog posts, and I was ready to deploy it in my lab. Understanding how Nutanix works might be confusing to some extend but I’ve found that actually it’s very well documented and some reading won’t harm. Good starting point would beContinue reading

Top vBlog Voting Results went out

Full Top vBlog voting results went out on April 1. Pretty awesome day they have selected 😆  .However I assume this was considered as  fool day joke to someone dissatisfied with overall ranking.

However, vBuffer made it to 123 place, thanks to the support of you , the readers and followers ! I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to everybody, who dedicate time and decide to give a vote for .Thank you .

In other hand as I already committed, and I’ll try to publish interesting ideas and challenges I’m dealing in my daily work .

Stay tuned for more !

Top vBlog 2015 Voting !!!

topvblog20151smallestLike in beginning of every year  Top vBlog 2015 Voting  started.This is time of the year when your readers, followers, colleagues, lads etc. evaluate your work and vote for your blog.

Although is only few months old, with only few articles and readers, I decided to give it try and run for niche in category “New Blogger” .I would be happy and appreciate if you support me and give a vote for my blog  :-D. In other hand, I commit to deliver more interesting and quality content for upcoming year .

Likewise , as one of the  Co-Founders, here is good place to mention about my dear fellows TheVirtualists. Over the past year they proof that  can create really strong relationship with their readers and provide interesting quality articles. I strongly encourage you to give your vote and help for  @TheVirtualist  blogging platform and help them get to fair place in overall blog ranking.

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vCenter Self-Signed Certificates – Part 2

Well, It’s been quite some time since I wrote Part 1. I wanted to focus on different topics and then come back to certificates but Christmas holidays came and also I’ve been involved in few interesting and quite demanding projects and could not dedicate much on vCenter Self-Signed Certificates Part 2. Although I wrote most of  the”painful” portion of the process, I still think that Microsoft CA way requires proper attention.In this part should to be much shorter than Part 1 but let’s see how it goes.

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vExpert 2015 – Announcements

Yesterday evening  vExpert2015 was announced. I’m proud to be among 1028 announced virtualization enthusiast worldwide sharing same passion and contribute back to community. Maybe you already know,  vExpert it’s none technical award  for people demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others.Where contribution might in many different ways including but not limited to

  • public speakers
  • book authors
  • script writers
  • VMUG leaders
  • VMTN community moderators

Here I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate my dear fellows @TheVirtualists  and wish them same successful year and keep on going with your contribution ! Here are some of the names

I hope I did not forget anyone.

Well done lads, keep on doing great job with TheVirtualist !

vCenter 5.5 service fails to start

Few days ago when I was preparing vSphere Self-Signed certificates article I found out that vCenter is down. I notice that vCenter 5.5 service fails to start with very “interesting” general error message which did not say much. I haven’t actually used my lab for while and I suspected that something went wrong with my Database. However, I checked all components, Databases, users, passwords and so on but I did not found anything. Only place, I haven’t looked yet was vCenter logs. In order to have fresh generated log and avoid searching in bunch of files I attempt to start service again with of course expected result, failure.

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vCenter Self-Signed Certificates – Part 1

A month ago I had to upgrade one of our customers vCenter from 5.0 to 5.5. We were suppose to run pilot project and upgrade was part of the requirements. However, upgrade was pretty smooth with no unexpected issues or whatsoever. Of course, when I had all components installed I decided to do quick check, though. Login with C# client did not indicate any unusual behavior or possible error, but when open Web Client I saw error message that Web Client could not connect vCenter.

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