NutanixCE – Cluster Installation and Configuration

In previous article I walked you through vSphere¬†preparation for deploying NutanixCE. We enabled SSD option on disk/LUN, installed ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter and created virtual machines. Seems like everything is set up, and we can start installation. Before I begin, I ‘d like to remind that I’ll be deploying 3 node cluster, so you can clone already created virtual machine as many times needed; Depends on how many nodes you want to have. Having everything ready let’s,

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NutanixCE – Getting Started

NutanixCE is out there for some time now, and I’ve decided it’s time to give it a try. It took me while to go through some documentation and blog posts, and I was ready to deploy it in my lab. Understanding how Nutanix works might be confusing to some extend but I’ve found that actually it’s very well documented and some reading won’t harm. Good starting point would beContinue reading